Retrospect: Having trouble excluding files and folders for backups

Retrospect Backup troubleshooting

Problem:  Using Restrospect version 7.7 multi server edition.  Trying to exclude certain files that I don’t need to backup.  Like ntuser.dat and some setup files that aren’t necessary to backup.   I created a rule to exclude files but Retrospect still tries to back them up.

Solution:  In my exclusion rules, I had set it to exclude when it matches the pattern.  Seemed like it would work but didn’t.  When I set it to contains the file or folder name, that worked much better but not completely.   Another thing to do is go into the Retrospect client on the server/computer you are backing up and you can omit files and folders there as well.  Click on the Access tab and check Private files/folders/volumes.  Then click on the Add button and you can then select what files you don’t want Retrospect to backup.

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  1. Larry, thanks for your post. I am having a similar problem with the Mac OS X client (were you using OS X client or Windows or …?). If OS X – what path format were you using? The old-school colon-delimited path, or the UNIX path style with slashes? (e.g. /private/var/spool/) If you have a minute to reply, that would be much appreciated.

  2. Ah man Conrad I’m sorry I can’t help you with this one. We are only using this for a Windows environment. Have you tried omitting the files on the client side of the backup. I watched the video below and, at first didn’t think they had that option, but they do; it’s called “privacy.” There you can select folders and files that are “invisible” to the backup server so in turn, will not get backed up. I’m thinking that you already have seen this but thought I would share anyway. But in my opinion, retrospect would work with the UNIX style path with the slashes. What version are you running?

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