OWA 2010: Search error, “The action couldn’t be completed”

Problem:  Within the Outlook Web App, a user would try to search through their emails but as soon as they tried to execute the search, the would get the error, “The action couldn’t be completed. Please try again.”   Tried all the browsers and on different computers but still got the error.

Solution:  The search function was working fine until we had a power outage over the weekend.  The Exchange 2010 server came back up but not all of the services were started.  I started the services and all was well or so I thought.  Put two and two together and realized that the search issue in OWA might be related to the power outage.   Rebooted the server and the search function was back and working.  This tells me that a services didn’t start correctly before and the rebooted righted it.

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