IE7 loading web pages slow: VMware Fusion

Problem: Using WMware with Windows 7 on a Mac Pro.  I had some troubles accessing sites like You Tube and Groupon.  What would happen is that it would take many minutes for the site to load and then it wouldn’t complete.  The CSS wouldn’t process so all I got was a list of links.  Thought it was our content filter and it did help performance a little to bypass the content filter but performance still wasn’t up to snuff.  Also, I didn’t have this problem with non VMware workstations that were being filtered which told me that this was a VMware problem, not a content filter problem.   Turned off the firewall on the Windows 7 side and my network adapter is set to “Bridged(autodetect).”

Solution:  First thing I did was switch my adapter to NAT within the Virtual Machine settings.  You Tube loaded just fine and performance was much better.   I then switched the adapter back to “Bridged(autodetect)”  and it was still working well.  Tried all of my troubled websites, including You Tube and they were loading in a timely fashion.  Have no clue why this worked for me but it worked on two separate workstations running VMware Fusion.   Hope this works for you.

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