Uninstall applications on a Mac easily with AppCleaner

appcleanerProblem:  I used to be a Windows user exclusively and came to like and rely on the “Add Remove Programs” feature in the control panel.  Not perfect but it still gave me a starting point to cleaning up my workstation.   With the Mac you can usually go to the Applications folder an delete what you need.  But that doesn’t necessarily uninstall it completely.  Plus I’m lazy and don’t want to search through the Application folder.

Solution:  Found a program called AppCleaner and what it does is take an inventory of your Apps that are installed and then give you a list of Applications, Widgets and “others.”   Select the application you want to get rid of and it will show you where the files are and then you can delete them all.  Very handy and quicker than searching through folders.  For example, I removed a copy of Parallels years ago from my Mac Pro but AppCleaner found some files that I didn’t know about.    So now I’m certain that it’s completely gone.   Best of all, this is a free download.

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