Shoretel 115/230 error: No Service

Problem:  Lately, I have been having problems with my Shoretel 115 and 230 phones.  When I plug them in, they would get an IP address but unable to contact the FTP server so the end result would be “Service Unavailable.”  Tried manually putting the FTP address by hitting the mute button, typing “setup” and hitting the pound key…   But that is unacceptable with close to a hundred computers..

Solution:  Double checked my DHCP server option 156 and at first glance it looked correct “dhcpserver=x.x.x.x”   But it wasn’t.  The correct syntax is “dhcpservers=x.x.x.x”   So be sure that you include the “s” when you create that option…

Update:  Moved some 115 and 230 phones to a different subnet and about half of my phones got the “no service” error message again.  I realized that my ShoreGear 50 (SG50) had the wrong default gateway and that is why my new phones wouldn’t connect.  I changed the gateway to the correct number and all was well.

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