Exchange 2010: Topology discovery failed, error 0x8007077f.v issue

Problem:  One afternoon, my users could not access their Exchange email through outlook or OWA.  No changes have been made and the server was up and running but no one could access it.  I couldn’t even access it when on the Exchange server itself.  I checked the logs and saw the following errors:

Process MSEXCHANGEADTOPOLOGYSERVICE.EXE (PID=2060). Topology discovery failed, error 0x8007077f.v

Unhandled Exception “The Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology service on server localhost did not return any suitable domain controllers.”
Stack trace: at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.DSAccessTopologyProvider.GetConfigDCInfo(Boolean throwOnFailure)
at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.TopologyProvider.PopulateConfigNamingContexts()
at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.TopologyProvider.GetConfigurationNamingContext()…etc..

Solution:   After some research, I realized that indeed my Exchange server could not find a domain controller, even though they were both on the same subnet.    This issue had to do with a change I made earlier in Active Directory Sites and Services where I created a new subnet for a remote site and assigned the domain controller located on the site to the “Default-First-Site-Name” for that subnet.  The issue was that I forgot to create a subnet where the other DC’s were located and the Exchange server… Therefore, the Exchange Server had no DC to authenticate to.   What I did was then create a new subnet (of the original DC’s and Exchange server) and set the DC’s there to the Default-First-Site-Name for that subnet.  Once all of my DC’s replicated I rebooted the Exchange Server and all was functioning well.

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