IOS7: How do I delete parts of a text

Problem:   Before upgrading my iPhone to IOS7, I was able to select portions of a text conversation and delete them by touching the “Edit” option on my screen.  Now that is gone.   So what can I do to be able to remove parts of the conversation.

Solution:  After poking around a bit, what you can do is touch and hold a bubble that is part of the conversation.   After a couple of seconds, a menu will pop up saying “Copy” and “More.”   Choose “More” and you then come to that all familiar edit screen where you can select and delete or delete all.   There is also a right pointing arrow that will let you forward that selection to another person.

* In my plugging around, I also realized you can see the time stamp of each entry by dragging the screen to the left.  There you will see a time stamp for each entry in the conversation.   You don’t have to select a specific bubble.

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