Sophos Enterprise Console: “The user is not assigned to any sub-estates” error

Problem:  After installing Sophos Enterprise Console, I got the following error stating that I could not access the console because “The user is not assigned to any sub-estates.”   This user was a domain admin and was the user I sued to install the software.  You would think that it would be able to access it.

Solution: Turns out that the user needed to be a member of the ‘Sophos Full Administrator’ group.   I looked in active directory users and computers and didn’t see that group.  So I created it doing the following:
1. Right click on the ‘Users’ OU and select ‘New’ and the choose ‘Group’
2. Under group name type ‘Sophos Full Administrators’ and make sure that the group scope is set to ‘Domain local’
3.  Add your user as a member of the group.  *Sophos recommends adding the user to the group instead of a group that it’s a member of.  Apparently there has been some issues with inheritance regarding this..
4.  Try the Enterprise Console once more and you should be golden.

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