Outlook Web App 2012: Light version greyed out and can only see day view

Problem:  When accessing the calendar in Outlook Web Access (OWA), my client only got the day view.  They were unable to change to month or week view and had a hard time in switching to a different month.   I checked the users account on a different workstation and didn’t have a problem with accessing  the calendar so I knew this was specific to the workstation itself.   After a few more questions, I also found out that the “Use the light version of Outlook Web App” box was checked and greyed out.

Solution: Specifically this issue had to do with the browser and that it was out of date.   From my understanding, the web app will automatically check and grey out the light version checkbox; probably for security reasons.   You will get the light version if you choose the sight impaired option in the accessibility part of the web app but it will not grey the option out when logging in.   I had the user update all of their browsers and she was then able to access the month view once again.

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