Windows 7 Not Authenticated or Can’t identify network error

Problem:  Windows 7 workstation logging into a Server 2012 domain would take sometimes 5 to 10 minutes to load the users profile.  Once you were logged in, the internet connection was not very consistent but would work periodically.  The end user noted that he observed a slow degrade in network performance as the days progressed.  I figured it was a hardware issue and replaced his NIC and all seemed to have worked fine but it wasn’t.   The computer would receive an IP address from the DHCP server but then it would either say it couldn’t identify the network (work, home, public) or it was “Not Authenticated.”  Tried a new workstation that I new worked with no luck.  *NOTE:  This workstation was connected to a workgroup switch, sharing with another computer that was working fine.  Tried changing patch cables, switches and plugging the computer in directly without any luck.


Solution:  We pulled a new wire to his workstation so he didn’t have to share a connection on a workgroup switch.  It was an easy pull and once we got everything terminated, the workstation came back to life.  Internet and domain traffic was once again normal for this computer.

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