Windows 7 laptop not responsive and sluggish

Problem: Had a clients laptop that started to run very sluggishly.   All of the symptoms were pointing to a virus or malware taking up the CPU and memory resources.   Went to uninstall any programs that weren’t supposed to be there and I did find quite a few that needed uninstalling.  (for more information see a post post about this malware issue).   After uninstalling the offending programs and freeing up some memory using msconfig, the problem still wasn’t going away.  It looked as if there computer was waiting on a process that was frozen.   I told me client to be ready for a hardware failure because the last time I saw something like this, the hard drive failed a few months later.

Solution:  Sometimes we have to go back to the basics.   I decided to run a chkdsk on the C: drive and after four hours and many orphaned files restored, the computer’s performance was back to normal.  Have you ever had a problem were you checked everything except the basic first steps?  Sometimes our experience can inhibit us from seeing the real problem because we were looking for a more complicated solution…

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