Java freezing chrome and crashing

imageProblem:  When accessing a website that requires the use of a Java Applet, Chrome freezes and eventually will crash.  If I upgrade to Version 7x, the program works just fine.  The problem in this solution is that the computer needs to use Java 6 for a program that will only work with that version of Java and will not function at all with the latest version.  The good news is that this new website is supposed to work with Java 6.  So why is it freezing?

Solution:   After trying to uninstall Java 6 and reinstalling (which didn’t work), I tried installing the latest version of Java, uninstalling it and then installing Java 6.  That worked!  Why?  I haven’t a clue.  Perhaps the Java 7 install reset some settings that didn’t happen in my Java 6 reinstall try.   Ahh!  The joys of Java.

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