Pandora Error: We’ve encountered an error.. click ‘reload’ to continue

Problem:  With added bandwidth in my organization, we have now allowed Pandora to stream on some workstations.  With that change, I’m getting some questions/problems when using this site that I have a love hate relationship.  Anyway, when in Pandora, I constantly get the following error:  “We’ve encountered an error. Sorry, it’s our fault. Please click ‘reload’ to continue listening.” Happens mostly in Internet Explorer but I will occasionally get the error in Chrome and Firefox.

Solution:  As in a previous post about an error I got within Pandora, all I needed to do was reinstall Flash. Once I did that, all was well.   This won’t fix this problem 100% of the time but is a good start.  Another solution that I tried was for IE. Within Internet Explorer, got to the menu – tools – internet options – advanced – multimedia.  Set the “play sounds on web pages” option to ‘no’.   If you have any other suggestions, leave a comment.


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