iPhone 5c won’t ring, goes straight to voicemail. Even with enough signal

Problem:  I was approached by a customer who asked me why his iPhone 5c wouldn’t ring even though he had, what looked to be, enough signal to receive a call.  On the caller side, the phone would ring once and then go to voicemail.  We tested and yes, it would ring sometimes and other times it would not.

Solution: I have had similar problems with other iPhone’s (5, 4, 4s) and I figured that it was possibly a carrier issue..  But with so many? I experienced issues with  AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile so maybe it was with the iPhone.  Turns out that my end user accidentally turned on his “Do Not Disturb” feature on his 5c.  When turned on, the phone will not ring when it is locked but will ring when it is not which would explain intermittent success on getting calls to ring.  To turn on or off the “Do Not Disturb” feature, go into Settings-Do Not Disturb.  Set “Manual” to on or off (whatever is your desire) and then you have many options if you do turn it on.

  1. Schedule a time frame to not be disturbed, like dinner, church or sleeping.
  2. Configure it that only people in your favorites can bypass the feature.
  3. Enable it that if someone calls you immediately after the first call(within 3 minutes), it will bypass the feature as well.
  4. Finally, there is a feature that will silence calls always or only when the phone is locked,

I can see why this feature would be very useful and I have started to utilize it a bit on my iPhone but man, can it be frustrating if you don’t know this feature is enabled.   I also now know why my girlfriend wouldn’t answer my calls unless I called backed immediately. haha

2 thoughts on “iPhone 5c won’t ring, goes straight to voicemail. Even with enough signal

  1. What about in iphone6 someone who calls me after 2 rings the call goês director to Voice mail. Tks for ir help

  2. Should be the same thing because my solution was a software setting. If the do not disturb settings are set properly on your iphone 6, then it must be something else. Off hand I wouldn’t know.

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