No audio or video when Lifesize Icon 600 connects to Polycom unit

Problem:  When trying to connect to a Polycom distance learning unit with my Lifesize Icon 600, I was able to connect but I wasn’t getting any video or audio.  The person on the other side of the connection was receiving my video and audio but nothing for me.   I read up on connecting Polycom and Lifesize units and they don’t like to play together so I’m thinking it’s an incompatiblity between the two brands.   I upgrade my Icon 600 to 2.01 (the latest is 2.08 but that wasn’t available for me because the service contract expired).  After that upgrade, I couldn’t even get the Polycom to answer my calls.  A big step back on this one.

Solution:  Working with Polycom support, we realized that I needed to create a one to one NAT rule for my DL unit on my firewall.  Basically, assign it an external IP address and make sure the traffic it being mapped to my DL unit.  Make sure that you also enable NAT within the Icon 600 network preferences and assign the external IP as well (if you don’t, it will not work).  But we were still facing the problem of the Polycom not answering my calls which was most likely caused by the upgrade of the firmware.   

The Icon 600 has a revert feature which lets you boot with an alternate firmware so I set it up to boot up on the old firmware but for some reason, it kept booting with the upgraded firmware.  No matter what I tried, it stayed on version 2.08.  Last idea: downloaded and installed an earlier version of the firmware from Lifesize (2.03) and finally had success.   Polycom answered and I was now receiving audio and video.

Have you had troubles trying to connect DL units that are different brands?  What have you done to fix it?  You would think there would be some sort of common standard to ensure interoperability between these brands…

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