Java won’t load in web application in any browser

Problem:  Operating system:  Windows 7 Professional 64bit.  Client’s accounting program is java based and when accessing the web application, java wouldn’t load.  Tried Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer without success.   I went to the “verify java” page and it wouldn’t load on any of the browsers so I knew that this wasn’t specific to the accounting web app.

Solution:  Checked the Add/Remove programs in the control panel and noticed that there were two versions of java installed.  One of which was a 64 bit version.  So I uninstalled both versions and deleted the java directory in Program Files.  Reinstalled the 32 bit version of java and we were back in business.  The web app worked fine after the reinstall..

Note:  I remember firefox warning me that if I had the 32bit version of the browser installed, I needed to install the 32bit version of java as well.  I’m wondering if the 64bit version that was installed was interfering with the functionality of java in the web app.

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