Retrospect 9.5: Cannot see Exchange 2010 mailboxes or databases

Problem:  I upgraded my retrospect backup software from 7.x to 9.5.  Upgrade went without issue until I tried my first backup.   When selecting the volumes for the Exchange Server, I was unable to see the databases and the mailboxes.  I got the following errors when trying to backup or expand the volumes:

  “Can’t track volumes, error -1 (unknown)

  Sorry, can’t list volumes on Exchange Mailboxes on “servername”  Error -1 (Unknown)

  Error on backup.  Can’t list volumes.  Exchange Server was empty (had no volumes)

I tried different backup users per retrospects user guide for the Exchange Server Agent.  I made sure .net 4.0 was installed on the backup server because it is mandatory to have it installed.  I was at a loss.

Solution:  .Net 4.0 needed to be installed on the Exchange Server as well.  I thought that it was but I was mistaken.  Once I installed .Net 4.0, I was able to browse the mailboxes and the databases.  Below is how I came to the solution:

I had to setup the debug logging within Retrospect by hitting CTRL – ALT and hit ‘p’ twice.  Within the window that popped up I had to change the “Trees and Volumes logging” to a value of 6.   Then I had to unlicense the Exchange Agent and close out Retrospect, re-open it and the re-license the Exchange Agent and the backup a shot.  Within the operations log, it was more detailed and  I saw that .Net 4.0 was needed on the Exchange Server.


Retrospect Exchange Agent Manual

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