Boom Beach: Tips, Thoughts and Suggestions

Boom Beach is a fun and also can be an addictively expensive game!

I haven’t played a game like this so much since my days of staying up until 3:00 am with Age of Empires.  The crew that designed this game did a genius job into getting one so into a game that they are willing to pay to level up or progress.   I’m not willing to pay up to progress because I’m at a level where it would cost a ton.  So here I am writing something to pass the time while I wait for my troops to loaded.


   Use of Diamonds:

  1. If you are just starting out, it isn’t a bad idea to purchase $5.00 worth of diamonds to, at least, get you going.  You’ll get the most bang for your buck.  As you level up, it gets way too expensive and I wouldn’t recommend wasting your money on the more expensive packages.
  2. Don’t waste your diamonds on finishing troop creation.  This preys on your impatience and you’ll end up spending money you didn’t want to.
  3. If you can, upgrade a building and use the diamonds to finish it.  You use a lot less to do the job or get as close as you can to upgrading and use the diamonds to get you over the top.
  4. If you have a big upgrade like a headquarters or even a sculptor, it is a good idea to save as many diamonds as possible to help you get over the hump.  You don’t lose diamonds when you get attacked so it’s they only resource, besides sculptures, that can’t be taken.  Be patient and don’t spend your diamonds on frivolous stuff like troop creation or speeding up the building of a resource.  This game is designed to prey on your impatience so beware!


  1. Upgrade your residences to the max as fast a possible.  You want to maximize your gold to explore new areas, upgrade and create troops
  2. When attacking, utilize the smoke bomb to a unit so it can be healed by your medic and  while not getting attacked by defenses.
  3. Offense or Defense?  Some put all their resources into defense but have no strong troops while others do the opposite.  I prefer to have a balance.  What is the sense of destroying other players villages, taking their resources just for someone else to easily take yours?
  4. Watch your replays and try to improve upon your defenses.   It’s impossible to defend against all the different types of attacks.  I setup my defenses to fend off warriors and smoke screens, only to get killed by tanks and medics for example.  I try to visualize different ways to attack my own base and change my defense accordingly.
  5. Max upgrade your vault as soon as you can.  There is no sense in having resources if they keep getting taken.  The Vault protects a percentage of your resources and will save you time when your working up for a big upgrade like headquarters.
  6. Consistently upgrade your landing crafts.  Doing this will increase your ability to have more troops.  If you let this fall behind, you will pay for it by not being able to attack anything until you have more capacity.  I like to upgrade before I go to bed so I don’t wait during my “play time”  I hate not being able to add troops while it’s upgrading.  Yet another way they prey on our impatience.

Suggestions to the creators:

  1. I would love to see better AI in the actions of the troops.  Let them make smarter decisions instead of getting shot up by a sniper while attacking a house.  *Maybe have an “intelligence” upgrade?
  2. How about letting us assign specifically who the medic pays attention to in a battle.   Maybe I want the medic to focus on the tanks no matter what and just leave the Heavy or Warrior alone, for example.
  3. The medics need to get out of the way.  Why can’t they move out of danger instead of sitting there healing each other until both are dead.
  4. Let us upgrade our resource bases to increase production
  5. How about letting us upgrade the ability to produce building, troops, etc.. faster.  Even if it has to be a Masterpiece Sculpture.

This is not a comprehensive list but a starting point that would like to add to.  What tips can you share with me?  Leave a comment  and share what you do.

What I’m using right now are 6 tanks, 3 medics and 12 warriors to clean everything up.  What do you use, what is your preference?

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