HP Laptop, Windows 8.1 blank/black screen with cursor after logging in

Problem:  Brand new HP Laptop that, after one day of using it, would not completely login to the system, just leaving a black screen with a cursor.  I tried letting it sit there for an hour to see if it was hung up on a service but that didn’t work.  I tried to restore from a restore point but no restore points were created.

Solution:  I went into recovery mode by holding down the shift key while giving the computer the restart command in the menu.  Within recovery I did a “Refresh” your pc, which sets it almost to factory defaults but it does keep your personal files and settings and after about 10 min, the system rebooted and I was able to login without any issues.  There was a “Reset” pc option but that will delete all files and would have been my 2nd option if this wouldn’t have worked.

I’ve seen this issue on other sites and it had to do with the graphics card after upgrading.   Have you gone experienced this problem? If so, leave a comment and share your solution.

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