Outlook 2010 keeps requesting username and password: Exchange 2010

Problem:  After a migration from Exchange 2003 to 2010, we are getting periodic requests from Outlook 2010 to input our username and password.  Not matter what we put it, Outlook doesn’t take it and it seems like it’s in a loop of some sort.  We can restart Outlook and get some success but eventually the error comes back.   We have tried the following:

  1. Recreating the outlook profile
  2. Installed the latest service pack
  3. Turned off caching on the client
  4. Made sure the connection was good.  (this error can result from losing connection to the Exchange server)
  5. Cleaned out all references to the former Exchange server in adsiedit.

Nothing worked.

Solution:  Finally I tried the following steps and we’ve been golden since.

1. Go into Control Panel
2. Click on Mail
3. Click on “show profiles”
4. Select the profile you need to edit and click on properties
5. Click on email accounts
6.  Highlight the account and click on change
7.  Click on the more setting button in the lower right hand corner
8.  Click on the connection tab
9.  Uncheck the “connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP” option
10. Click on OK and exit out of the rest

Update 4.24.2015:  Looks like the above solution didn’t work like I thought it did.  The authentication screen came back, much to my dismay.   After a little bit of troubleshooting and reading, I realized that the clients were trying to access a resource that was on the old Exchange server.   The only thing I could think of was the public folders.  On the Exchange 2010 server, I deleted the public folders and recreated them.  Problem solved.   I swear we moved the replica over to the new server but I guess that was overlooked.   Now this solution worked for us because our public folders didn’t have anything of worth on it so it was OK to delete.


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