Make Firefox’s appearance more like Chrome

Problem:  Now that Chrome has begun it’s discontinuation of NPAPI based plugins, effectively ending Java as we know it within this browser, I had to make the choice of using a different browser.  This is because that I have web apps that use Java and as of now, Oracle looks to be digging their heals in and chrome isn’t going to change course.  I’ve decided to use Firefox again but I’m not a fan of the interface.  So how do I get firefox to look and fell more like chrome?

Solution: After some clicking around,  I was able to get my Firefox browser to at least have the feel of chrome. Below are the steps to get to that point.

I:  Get rid of unnecessary icons and search windows:  On the right side of the browser, Firefox has way more shortcut icons than Chrome.  I just like it simpler.
– Fifirefoxiconsrefox – ChromeChrome
  1. Click on the menu and select “Customize” (lower left hand corner within the menu)
  2. Mouse over the icon you want to remove and drag it off.  In my case I chose all of them.
  3. While you’re there, grab the search window and drag it off as well.

*Note:  You may want to keep the bookmarks star to really make it look like chrome but I chose to remove that as well.

II:  Make Google your default search engine
  1. Click on menu and select “Preferences”
  2. Select the “Search” option and select Google or the search engine of your choice.
III:  Take the extra step and make Google your default home page
  1. Click on menu and select click on “Preferences”
  2. Within the “General” section, make your home page.
  3. Make sure the “When Firefox starts:” says “Show my home page.”
IV: Get rid of the title bar
  1. Click on menu and select “customize”
  2. Click on the “Title Bar” button which will give you just a little more room within your screen

What other ideas do you have to make Firefox more like Chrome?

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