Windows 10 app not in taskbar; computer on the domain

Problem:  I have a an IBM ThinkCentre touch screen workstation that has Windows 7 but it’s on the domain and we use WSUS to update our computers.   My workstation is completely updated but I still don’t see the Windows 10 app in my taskbar.   I’ve tried tried checking online for updates and installed all that were there and I’ve added the Windows 10 update to the WSUS sync schedule but no luck.   According to Microsoft, I have to have KB3035583 and KB2952664 installed so I checked and verified that they are both installed.

Solution:  I tried every idea suggested from this article and nothing seemed to work.  Well, I tried everything except removing it from the domain and adding it to a workgroup.  But I didn’t have anymore options so I decided to remove it from the domain and after the reboot, the Windows 10 app/icon was there in my taskbar.  So how does one upgrade a slew or workstations if they are on the domain?  I can’t seem to find a solution anywhere, yet.

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