iPhone 6: Maps navigation voice not working

Problem:  The turn by turn navigation on a client’s iPhone 6 was no longer audible.  She said that it all of a sudden went quiet.  I made sure that the volume was up and went into the Maps settings and the voice navigation was set to “Loud Volume” with no luck.  Thinking that maybe the audio was going through  bluetooth headset, I turned off bluetooth but still no sound in the navigation.

Solution:  I was wondering if the speaker was broken so I plugged in my earphones and could hear the navigation perfectly.  When I unplugged the earphones, the navigation voice was back and audible.  Something in plugging in the earphones must have switched something that was stuck?   Anyone have an idea to why this worked?

*Note:  After I fixed the problem, I noticed that it wasn’t just the navigation but also all the sounds within the iPhone.  Like the typing sounds or notifications.  It was like the speaker was off and the earbuds reinitialized it.

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