You need permission to perform this action error when deleting a folder

Problem: I had a drive that was comprised by a trojan/ransomware and lost a few gigs of files because we couldn’t pay the ransom.  It was decided to delete the folders and when I did I got the following error:  “You need permission to perform this action.” It wouldn’t let me delete.  I checked folder permissions and I had full rights so wasn’t sure what the issue was.

Solution:  Turns out that I was deleting most of the files just not the ones associated with the ransomware like the “Decrypt_instructions.html” file.  Sophos, my antivirus, was putting them into quarantine.  I went into Sophos Endpoint and Security Control and went into the quarantine section.  Selected all of the instances and marked them for deletion.  Once I did that the files were all gone.

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