Phantom unread emails showing in iPhone 6

Problem:  It all started with about 5 unread emails for the account but there weren’t any unread emails.  I checked and double checked but couldn’t find any.  After a few days, the amount of unread emails increased to 10 and as of this writing got as high as 14.  This was an Exchange account so I checked OWA and Outlook and didn’t find any unread as well so I knew it wasn’t on the server side.

Solution:  There are two things you can do to get rid of these phantom emails.  1.  Go into the offending account and disable the mail.  What this will do is delete the emails off of your phone (this may take awhile depending on how many emails you had).  Then you re-enable the mail.  If this doesn’t work, go to tow.  2.  Delete the entire account and re-create a new one.


*Note:  Both solutions worked for me but the phantom unread emails did return after I deleted the entire account.

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