iTunes: This device is not eligible for the requested build

Problem:  Was trying to update my iPad to the latest IOS version using iTunes (had to do this in recover/restore mode because it got locked out).   After the download if the IOS, it started unpacking and then gave me the following error:

“This device isn’t eligible for the request build”

I went to Apple’s site and found the following article.  I tried checking the hosts file, TCP/IP filter and restoring from another computer and all had failed.   I also was told to check and make sure iTunes was the latest version without any luck.

Solution:  All the articled said for me to check the iTunes version but none told me to check the OS version.   I used my Macbook Air that had El Capitan installed and I was able to restore/update my ipad.  So if you still use your Mac to manage/update your iPad, make sure you have the latest version to ensure a successful update.

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