ASUS MX279H Monitor menu not showing up

Problem:  I plug my computer into the HDMI port of the MX279H monitor and turn it on.  I get an error saying no signal but it’s defaulting to VGA so I try to access the menu but when putting my finger on the touch sensitive button, nothing comes up.   Basically, I can’t change the input of the monitor and it seems that only VGA will work.  I tried everything I could think of but the only button that would work is the power button.  I didn’t have a HDMI to VGA adapter on my so that wasn’t an option and why would I want to do just VGA with a monitor this nice?

Solution:  I plugged the monitor into a computer with a VGA output and once I got the display of my desktop I tried to access the menu again.  Lo and behold it worked!  Apparently, the monitor needs to be receiving signal in order for the menu buttons to work.   Seems to me like a design flaw and should have, at least, had an auto find for the input. 

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