Dell Laptop Goes to Sleep When Typing on Keyboard

Problem:  A Dell Laptop (Latitude 3550) that I was working on would randomly go into sleep mode when I would try to type on the keyboard.   At first, I thought it was the pressure my hand was putting on the computer and therefore something to do with the main/motherboard.  But the problem with that was no-one else using the computer would have this issue.

Solution:  I was getting ready to contact Dell when I realized it could be my Apple Watch.  This came to me because the screen started to flicker as I began to bring my left hand closer to the keyboard.  Seems to happen with I start to type.  I took off my Apple Watch and I could not re-create the problem.  I put it back on and the spontaneous sleep would then occur.    So has anyone else had this issue and what is it with both the laptop and the watch make this happen?  Seems like I have to be wearing the watch as well.  If I take it off and set it on the computer nothing happens at all.  Thoughts?

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