Windows 7 Post Installation Must Do’s

I know Windows 10 has been out for quite some time now but my end users still prefer Windows 7.  So with that said, I’m still needing to create images for future use.    So when I have a fresh install, there are two issues I must address before I can move forward with the image:  1.  The local administrator account needs to be reinstated and 2. Windows Update will not function and gets stuck on “checking for updates.”

Issue:  #1.  After the install the local administrator is disabled.  I know that Microsoft disabled it by default for security reasons but I’m a creature of habit and would like to keep Administrator around.

Solution to  #1:  Open a command prompt as administrator and type the following command:  “net user administrator active:yes”  and press enter.  This will now bring back the administrator user and then you can re-enable it through users and give it a password

Issue # 2:   Windows Update gets stuck on “checking for updates” until it times out or I get tired of waiting and reboot, thinking that will fix it.   I don’t know what has changed but Windows Update will not work anymore until I do the following solution:

Solution to #2:  

  • Install IE 11 first thing – Internet Explorere 11 download
  • After that you need to install the following hot fix:  (KB3020369)

Are there any “must tweaks” or fixes that you like to do after a reinstall for your image.  Please leave a comment and share your ideas.

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