Dell Optiplex 790 password jumper location

Problem:  Bought a refurb dell optiplex 790 computer and upon boot up, I get the following error:

“The hardware Jumper is removed to override the system password setting.  System password has been erased and password cannot be changed.  Please connect the hardware jumper to perform password changes.…”

Dell optiplex 790 password jumper error

Since this computer was a refurb, the manufacturer probably forgot to put the jumper back into the normal position.  Should be pretty easy to fix.  Pretty much first day computer tech type of solution…  Problem is, where the heck is the jumper?!?  The form factor for these computers are so small, it isn’t obvious when you first open the case.


The jumper is located under the hard drive so you will need to remove the CD-ROM and then remove the hard drive.  You will see that in picture, one the jumper is set for the clear password setting because it’s set on one pin, aka “empty.”  I then moved the jumper over both pins aka “Normal,” (picture 2) put everything back together and the error message was gone.  Pretty straight and clear once you find the jumper.

Dell Optiplex 790 password jumper set to clear password

Picture 1

Dell Optiplex 790 password jumper set to normal

PIcture 2

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