Windows 10: Cannot download files in Edge or Internet Explorer

Working on a brand new computer with Windows 10 and the client reported they were unable to download a game.  Turns out that they were unable to download anything.  Within Edge or Internet Explorer, I would get a prompt to save the file but the it would not go any further.  “Save as”, “open”, “Run”, etc.. would not work; the browser was unresponsive.

Problem turned out to be with the file location within Internet Options, it was blank.  To set the file location do the following   This also fixed the sluggish speed of the browser too.

  1. Goto control panel and select “Internet Options”
  2.  Select  “Settings” <button> under the “General” file tab
  3.  Verify under “Current Location” that the path is on the C:\ Drive
  4.  If it’s blank under “Current Location do the following:
    1. Select  “Move Folder…” <button> under “Temporary Internet Files” file tab
    2. Navigate to a folder of your choice on C:


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