Getting an edge in Warzone

As an older gamer, I’m constantly trying to find something that will help my play when playing Warzone on Xbox.  I don’t play enough to be awesome and I’m not young enough to keep up with some of these players; including my son.  Below is what I have done to even the playing field just a bit so this old fart won’t embarrass himself as much.  

  1. Recommended to me by a friend, the Dell S2721QS is a great gaming monitor.   I can see the action better and there is less time trying to find what I want to shoot in Warzone.  Especially helpful with the new Calera Map.
  2. I got tired of taking my thumb off the stick to jump, open things, slide, etc… So I got a Microsoft Elite Series 2 controller.  Spartakus uses one on his stream and hearing him talk about it made me want to give it a try.  This controller is well made, nice and heavy and definately has made me a better player.   I got a refurb to save some money and haven’t had any issues yet.
  3. To go with my MS Elite Series 2, I bought a 2nd set of thumbsticks and paddles.   I did not like the short paddles because I tended to push two at the same time, the way they were positioned.   So I now have 4 long ones on the back.  Took a bit to get used to but so much better.
  4. Upgraded to the SteelSeries Arctis 9x headphones because I wasn’t hearing footsteps with my old set.  With COD and Warzone, I have a hard enough time hearing footsteps so I got these.  Bluetooth, so no wires and you can still have your phone connected, in case you need to make a call or listen to some tunes while playing.
  5. Got me a Bluetooth keyboard to round it out.  This doesn’t help my play but I like it because I can name my loadouts faster.  I get so annoyed by naming my loadouts with my controller.

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