Streaming with my new Fire TV Stick

I can get a bit frugal; some might call me cheap but I get the most out of what I purchase.  Example. I had a first gen Amazon Fire TV stick.  I got my money’s worth with it but it started crashing and wouldn’t run well with Disney Plus and Hulu.  Netflix would occasionally crash and I just stopped using it.  Not worth my time.  

Amazon Streaming: Fire TV STockSurrendered to new technology

Finally!  I ordered a new Fire TV Stick from Amazon and I’m mad at my past self for not pulling the trigger earlier.  Runs nicely, no more crashes and the TV controls alone are worth it.  The nice thing is that my TV remote is able to control the Fire TV Stick software as well. This is nice when I’m too lazy to try to find the Fire TV stick remote.   I also have access to a lot of free live content.  Not sure how much I will watch the news in Los Angeles or Chicago but it was fun at first.  

Best Streaming Device?

I’ve had a Roku before and I have a older Apple TV and honestly, I can’t find a reason to pick those over this.  Mainly for price.  The only thing Apple TV has on the Fire TV stick is that I can’t mirror my iPhone or MacBook Pro.  But my older gen does so I’m good.   For the price, it’s worth a try.


What is your favorite streaming device?

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